Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bow Season Begins at Camp Chicken

Sorry I haven't had much time to blog lately. Arlene's sister Judy is getting rid of her old trailer and getting a modular put in. We have been very busy helping her pack and move all her stuff out of the trailer so it has been a very very busy time.

But, Dan and I have been bowhunting. The weather has been very warm and the deer aren't really moving during the day very much so I haven't seen anything to speak of. One big doe by herself and one big doe with twin fawns.

Arlene and I bought ourselves a new megazoom digital camera and it takes pretty good pictures. It is nice for wildlife.

I put a one of those outhouse blinds down by the Cadillac shack spot and have been using it for the afternoon hunts. This partridge came right up in front of my pop-up blind yesterday. I managed to get the camera on him and take this shot. He blends in so well with his surroundings that he is hard to even see in the fall leaves.

This is my new friend "Chip". He gets under my feet as I try and fill up the corn feeder at the Cadillac shack spot. He is so darn cute as he waits for me to drop corn so that he can stuff his little cheeks full.

The leaves were really spectacular yesterday and today. Arlene was still helping her sister so I went to camp late Saturday. Dan and I hunted all morning and then spent the rest of the day riding around on our 4-wheelers taking pictures.

The camera just can't seem to capture how really beautiful the leaves are. I'm sure that by next weekend, they will be all on the ground. We were very lucky to have this day and it's beautiful colors.

And that is my Mother's little piece of heaven in the good old U.P.


Kristine said...

The leaves are really beautiful here too. I'm sorry they'll probably all fall in a few weeks.

I like your pictures as well. The one of the partridge is really cool.

Marian Love Phillips said...

Great pictures with you new camera...the trees are beautiful. I know you will enjoy your camera. Wishing you Goodhunting this season. It's also bow here in Mississippi but not bowhunting this year...been really warm here...but will change in a few days. Take care and will be checking back on you! Tell everyone hello. Have a nice day! Marian :)