Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Trip to Camp 3-09-13

The new vent cover arrived during the week and after hearing that rain was in the forecast for Sunday, we decided to make a trip to camp. Chris, Judy and Ross volunteered to go along to help us.

The road was still in great shape even after a week of warm weather. I was a little worried that it might be soft or slushy but it was good. We parked at the gate and after getting our snow shoes strapped on headed in to camp.

Chris helped me get the tall stepladder out of the shed and he climbed up on the roof while Arlene went inside to do what needed to be done in there. The roof was really icy so Judy volunteered to walk back out to the cars to get the shovel. Chris was able to get some of the ice off the roof so it was a little safer to walk up there.

Neither of us thought to get tools so Judy had to trudge to the shed to get the tool box and screwdrivers for us. She asked us if we needed anything else and we said "No" so she set out on a walk to the back of the clearing.

After surveying the situation for a bit, we managed to figure out how the old vent cover had to come off and the new vent cover had to go on. We had directions, but they weren't very helpful and as Chris said "who needs directions, anyway?" But after a bit, Chris managed to get the new vent cover on. We had to lay on the trailer roof to do it and we were both soaked by the time we got done.
Judy had come back from her walk and said that there was a fresh deer kill right at the end of the camp clearing. So Chris, Ross and Arlene headed off to check it out.

This is the closet we have ever seen a kill to camp, and it was really fresh too. There were plenty of tracks and some were really fresh as if we had actually scared them off. They looked like coyote tracks, pretty small prints for wolves . It looked as though they had peed around the kill as if marking their territory.

This is a bit too close to camp for my comfort so we may have to go see if we can use a call and get a shot at them.

But after checking it all out we loaded up and headed back to the cars. Chris, Judy and Ross were going to the Laker hockey game that night so we wanted to get back.

It was a relief to get the vent cover replaced and considering how much it rained Saturday night and all day Sunday, I am really glad we got it done.
I have to say that now I'm getting anxious to start going up to camp and spending the weekends again. It seems like a long time since we have been there.   Spring can come any time now.