Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day 2012

Finally, a weekend at Camp Chicken!

It has been too hot to even go to camp this summer so we have been golfing instead. But the forecast for Labor Day weekend looked good so we decided to go. R and I went up on Friday, after we stopped and played golf. Mary Sue and Tiny came up Saturday morning.

We have been working on removing a large rock from the camp area but unfortunately, the more we dug around it, the larger it became.

Mary took the sledge hammer to it and managed to break off a big chunk of it. The rest will have to wait on help from Ronnie and his tractor.

The big news is that Arlene bought a nice pop-up for use at camp as an extra place for company to sleep and for us to take to Brimley State Park to camp when it is hot.

It is really nice and even has heated mattresses. Judi and Anthony and Dallas came up to camp to stay for the first time in a very long time and were the first ones to stay overnight in the new camper.

Dallas is Anthony's new dog. They got him at the shelter and we think he must have been some kind of assistance dog as he is very attached to Anthony and very attentive to him.

Saturday morning while Mary hammered away at the rock, Arlene and I washed the trailer awning.  It is amazing how dirty it gets just rolled up on the trailer!

Then Mary and I set up the croquet area so that when everyone got there we could play.  After Chris, Judy and Ross came we had a few rousing games before dinner was ready.

Arlene grilled pork loin, venison tenderloins, baked potatoes for dinner and Chris, Judy, Ross, Cindy, Judi, Anthony, Mary Sue, Arlene and I all had dinner together.  Judy had brought a potato salad and we had sliced cucumbers and tomatoes also.  It was a feast!

After dinner everyone but Mary and I went for a walk to work off the huge dinner and Mary helped me with the dishes. 

The really big news is that my brother Chris got a faculty position at LSSU so he and his wife Judy and my nephew Ross are living here now.  They bought a dome house half-way between Pickford and the Soo.  We are all very happy that they are here!

After dinner we played more croquet and then sat around the fire all night until about 12:30 AM.  It was so beautiful with the full moon.  We haven't been able to have a fire for a long time due to the drought conditions in the area.  But with all the rain in recent weeks, the ground isn't so terribly dry.

Sunday was just as nice a day as Saturday had been.  We puttered around camp and then about 11:00 Arlene decided she wanted breakfast so I went to town for sausages and eggs.  Boy was that good.

After breakfast, we took turns playing cards and croquet and just relaxing.

Arlene had invited everyone for dinner again on Sunday.  We were having grilled polish sausages and hot dogs.  We all ate too much again.  Even Mom came up around dinner time just to have a real hot dog.  Dad only lets her have the turkey ones....Yuck!

After dinner we sat around the fire again.  We decided to have a game of "Attack Uno".  We haven't played that in forever.  We had to sit at the big picnic table to play.  I think we need a lantern for the table so that we can see the cards.

The evening was really perfect with nice temperatures and the full moon came up about 10:00 PM.  Anthony and Judi had to leave after dinner but enjoyed their stay very much.

Chris had brought up his big telescope, but the optics had been jarred somewhat in the move from Spokane and needed to be aligned.  He couldn't get it quite right, so we couldn't look at any far away galaxies but looking at the moon through it was really spectacular.

We stayed up well past midnight and slept like logs until 8:00 AM.  We wanted to get packed up and out of camp by noon so we could stop at Chris and Judy's house to pick up the washer and dryer that was in their house when they moved in.  They are a smaller set and we can get rid of our old set and use them.  Now we just have to get them down to the basement.

Why is it that weekends at camp just fly by?  All in all it was a great weekend and hopefully we will get nice weather this fall and can spend many more weekends at Camp Chicken.