Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Ride to Camp

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day here in the EUP so Arlene and I decided to take a ride to camp.

We have very little snow on the ground so the road in to camp was easy to navigate. Many thanks to Dana Galer who keeps the camp road plowed every winter.

We parked at the gate and walked in. I had put the snowshoes in the car, but we didn't even need them.

Camp was quite serene and quiet. There were quite a few animal tracks and we had fun investigating them. I love coming up here in the winter and looking at all of the tracks in the snow. You can really see what kind of critters visit camp while we are away.

There were small tracks that could be a fox or a small coyote and the spot under a spruce tree where he killed a rabbit for his dinner. The snow was all torn up and there was bunny fur everywhere.

That is nature's way. One dies so that one may live.

There were some mystery tracks also. This animal has fairly large feet but pushes a path through the snow as it moves. There were quite a few trails like this all over camp. We had fun guessing what it might be.

We saw no wolf tracks, thank goodness. There were big deer tracks though and he/she had wandered all over the camp clearing.

We brought the camera but never saw any animals to photograph. Darn. So we took turns taking each other's pictures.

I would guess that if we don't get any more snow this winter (fat chance of that), we will be able to start cutting wood in a couple of weeks.

Mom and Dad burned up everything we had cut for them and had to buy two cord of wood for the stove. It seems a shame that they had to buy wood, when we have 40 acres of maple to choose from.

Maybe with the new chain saw, I'll be able to cut larger diameter trees and we can borrow Ronnie's splitter and really get some wood done.

After spending some time at camp, we decided to go to Hessel casino. We had a lot of fun. As usual, Arlene gave me a twenty to play and I won her $200. I took my $10 that I had to spend and turned it into $40 so we left pretty happy.

Then it was on to the Soo. We wanted to take Cindy out for dinner but she is down and out with a terrible cold. So we went to the Soo casino and had dinner and gambled until midnight and didn't spend a nickle of our own money. Those kind of days are really fun.

We can't wait to start going to camp again. We have been playing Facebook games all winter and that has passed the time but I am ready for some outdoor pursuits.