Saturday, March 24, 2012

Early Spring

We have had a really crazy winter here. The weather has been mostly mild until the first week of March and then we got a real old-fashioned U.P. Blizzard.

My brother Chris was in Marquette, MI for an interview and ended up stranded up there. We managed to get him a ride to the Soo to my house and then I took him out to Mom and Dad's in Pickford.

Overnight, Pickford got 15 inches of snow and a big-time blizzard. By Saturday morning, my Trailblazer was buried in Mom and Dad's driveway.

Thankfully, the next day, the weather cleared. I drove Chris back to the Soo as he had an interview at LSSU the next morning. Then Tuesday, I drove him back to Saginaw to catch his flight back to Spokane.

We were really worried about camp but couldn't get up there to check on it as the road up to camp was blocked with the snow that fell.

Finally, last Saturday, we were able to drive in. The road in was pretty rough but once we got to our own camp road, it was fine. There was only about 6 inches of snow left in the camp area and thankfully no damage to either the trailer or the storage shed.

What a relief.

The day started foggy but by noon it had cleared off and while Arlene checked the trailer for mice and other damage, I dug out the firepit and made a fire. All of the melting snow had the awning full of water so we put it down so that it could drain out.

We had fun walking around the camp area looking at all of the tracks. There were large deer tracks that were fresh enough to be from that morning. Hard to tell if it was a doe or a buck but it was pretty big.

There were also some rather small catlike tracks that Arlene thought was a fox. Other than that, there were no other tracks. I like being at camp when there is snow and you can see what kind of animals have been passing through.

We walked back and checked Arlene's deer shack and took a long walk over to where I had left one of our pop-up blinds. When we left last deer season, I didn't get time to take it down. Amazingly, it was still standing so we took it down and hauled it back to camp.

All in all, it was a nice relaxing day. Reluctantly, we decided that it was getting late, so we packed up and headed back out.

We stopped at Main Street Cafe in Pickford, for dinner and then headed home.

Now I am sitting in my chair, unable to do much as I had knee surgery on Thursday. It is doing okay but I am bored sitting around like this doing nothing. Hopefully, I will be up and about by next weekend and ready for another trip to Camp Chicken.