Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Storage Shed is Finished

Family--I'll try to get the rest of the pictures on Flickr tonight.

Actually, the shed was finished two weekends ago. We were darn tired and sore but managed to complete our project with some help from Arlene's daughter Janet.

Last weekend we tore off the old siding from Mom and Dad's old garage/woodshed and replaced it with plywood. What a chore! We managed to get it all done almost.

Monday, Arlene, Mary, Tiny and I went out to Mom's and began to apply the stain. We managed to get alot done but didn't have enough to completely cover it so had to quit for the night. Yesterday, the weather was very warm here for September, so we were going to go out and stain again. Arlene came down with a horrible cold and Mary and smashed her hand in a door at work so just Mary and I went and we got quite a bit done. We still have to finish up and I think we'll need about 5 or 6 hours to do it.

We plan on going to camp this weekend and finishing up at Mom and Dad's and then we have to stain the Camp Chicken "Poop Coop" (our outhouse). With our leftover shingles and OSB board we put a new roof on the outhouse and it badly needs a new coat of stain.

Getting ready for bow season and there isn't much time left as it starts a week from today. I got some "Buck Jam" out at the Taj Mahal and got my deer cam up so we'll see what deer are visiting that spot. Hope to have some pictures for everyone next time.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys did a good job. Also looks like a lot of work.

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

You have been very busy women!!! Whew. I hope hunting season will bring some fun in your lives. Love ya! (And by the way, happy birthday, a little early!)

Live to Hunt.... said...

Hi Cathy - Just found you tonight through OBS. Nice blog, keep up the good work!

Marian Love Phillips said...

Shed looks great. Looking forward to you trail cam pix...Goodhunting to you this season. :)