Monday, September 10, 2007

A New BBQ grill for Camp Chicken!

Arlene, Mary Sue, Tiny and I went to Camp for the weekend. Arlene bought a new BBQ grill for camp as the old one is just worn out. We had thought to put it together when we arrived, but as we pulled into camp the rain came pouring down. So instead we stayed inside and cooked pork chops and fried potatoes for dinner. Dave was going to the car races at Kinross, so Cindy came up for dinner and a round of Attack Uno. We had a blast and played until 11 PM.

Saturday dawned clear and cold so Mary and R began to assemble the new grill. They thought it would take about and hour, it took three!!! I watched the fun and used Ronnie's wood splitter to split up some maple that Dan had cut 2 years ago after the big windstorm. The air turned "blue" several times as the girls struggled with about 20 pages of instruction and lots of small parts but they met the challenge and now camp has a great new grill.

We hauled the wood splitter back to where R's new hunting shack is to split up a bunch of wood that Dan had cut 2 years ago after the big wind storm. We worked until about 4 pm and quit for the day.

R cooked petite steaks and fried potatoes on the new grill for supper and man, was it good. About 6 pm we took a ride to go and look for deer.

Sunday, we finished splitting wood and packed up early to head home. It was a really nice weekend.


Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Nice grill! I noticed that R and Mary had to take off their jackets as the work (and the words?) got more heated...

Cathy Smith said...

LOL, you know it! It was far beyond my mechanical skills for sure. The stand was the most complex thing of all. But what a great grill. R loves cooking on it and each weekend I browse the meat dept. at SuperValue looking for new stuff for her to try.