Thursday, August 30, 2007

Arlene's New Hunting Shack

For the past two weekends, Arlene, Mary Sue and I have been building Arlene a new deer hunting shack at Camp Chicken. It has been quite an adventure as we have never built anything like this before.

We started at home by building the frames for the floor, the four walls and the roof rafters and then loaded everything in the utility trailer and hauled it up to Camp Chicken. The next day we assembled the frame and started attaching the OSB board siding.

The next weekend we went to Camp to work on the shack. Only this time Mary Sue and her little dog Tiny spent Friday night with us. It was their first time overnight at Camp Chicken. Tiny did very well for her first "stayover" and seems to really enjoy Camp.

Saturday morning we started bright and early. We attached the rest of the OSB siding. Dan, Arlene's son-in-law and I measured and cut siding and R and Mary nailed it on. We finished everything but the door and took a break for lunch. After lunch, we built the door and attached it to the shack. That was the hardest part really.

Tiny had her own chair with an old shirt of mine for a cushion and from there she supervised the project.

That night, Mary Sue and Tiny, as well as Dan and Anthony, Arlene's grandson, had to go home so it was just R and I at Camp. The next morning we started working again and nailed in a second layer of floorboard and roofed the shack with tar paper.

We finished the roof by attaching metal trim to the ends of the peak to protect the tar paper. As we were taking a break Mom walked in to surprise us and take a look at the new shack.

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Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Wow, Cathy! You guys worked hard, and the shack looks great. Love the pictures of Tiny -- so adorable!