Sunday, November 17, 2013

Camp Chicken Loses It's Smallest Warrior


We are so sad to let everyone know that we have lost Camp Chicken's smallest warrior. Mary Sue's little dog Tiny had to be put down last week.

She had been suffering from heart problems for a couple of years now and Mary had been giving her heart medicine that the vet had prescribed. The heart medicine seemed to be working pretty good and Tiny even grew back the hair that she had lost over the years. She had begun to look like one of those hairless dogs instead of a Pomeranian. But she was getting to look like her old self. Although, at times she would seem to lose her balance and get her front legs crossed up.

We are just broken-hearted to have lost her and Mary Sue is inconsolable. She was such a little character. She could be gentle and loving one moment and as crabby as a little bear the next. But she always looked out for us when we were at Camp. She was unhappy if she lost one of her "people" and would have to always move so that she could keep all of us in sight at all times.

She was especially upset if she lost sight of Mary and would bark and bark until Mary came and picked her up. Tiny was a good watch dog too, even though she only weighed 14 pounds. She had sharp eyes and if she started growling or barking we would know that she had spied some animal and we needed to pay attention. She could spot movement in the woods and was quick to let us know we had an intruder.

She was such an important part of Camp Chicken life that it is going to really hard for all of us now that she is no longer there.   We would take her along wherever we went.  She sat in a lawn chair and watched us build Arlene's deer shack, our camp storage shed and our new storage shed.

We taught her to ride in a backpack on the 4-wheelers and took her back to Mary's hunting camp in that backpack several times to bait for Mary's brother, George for deer season.  She would sit patiently in the chair and watch us cut wood and do all kinds of camp chores.   As long as she could see Mary and Arlene and I, she was happy.

You know, our pets are such and important part of our lives.  They are members of our families and when we lose them, we grieve.


Rest in Peace, Tiny Bubbles.  We will miss you.


Marian Love Phillips said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of Tiny. I enjoyed seeing her in all your pictures at Camp Chicken. What a great tribute to her on your blog today. She will always be remembered through all your wonderful memories of her. Again, I know your pain and it hurts really bad. I know she will be watching over y'all at Camp Chicken from above! With love and hugs, Marian

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Oh, the photos are bringing tears to my eyes. We all loved Tiny, and we will miss her. Thanks for writing such a touching post, Cathy.