Sunday, February 24, 2013

Trip to Camp 2-23-13

Arlene had a bad feeling about camp so we decided to go have a look on Saturday. 

First we had to clean up the 6 inches of snow that fell overnight and then rested for an hour before heading out.

Chris, Judy and Ross came with us and we were again able to drive right to our gate thanks to Dana Galer who keeps the road open.  They had spent the morning cleaning up the snow at their house as well.

We all put on snow shoes for the trek into camp.  I wore Grandma Glady's traditional wooden shoes which was kind of special.  I haven't worn them since I got my smaller winter walker snow shoes from L.L. Bean.

We were all quite surprised by all the snow that had fallen at camp.  Arlene and I had been there about four weeks ago to clean off everything and the snow on the trailer was pretty deep again.

I climbed up on the trailer and started with it while Judy, Ross and Chris started removing the snow off the big shed.  I was almost to the end of our trailer when I realized that something wasn't looking right.  There were two separate heavy, icy layers mixed in with the snow and the weight had broken the vent cover on the vent over the bedroom and the bed.

Chris helped Arlene shovel a path to the trailer door so she could get inside.  Sure enough there was snow on the bed but not much, thank goodness.

Arlene's ESP had been right on.  We managed to put some black plastic over the screen and close the damaged vent cover.  I then covered it with a tarp and shoveled snow on top of it.  It will have to do until we can order a new cover and replace the broken one.

When I finished, Chris helped me to shovel off the popup and then he helped Judy do the rest of the shed.  We were going to build a fire and Arlene and Ross had shoveled off the firepit but we couldn't get at the kindling and firewood so Arlene decided to cook our hotdogs on the grill.  Luckily we didn't have to dig that out of 4 feet of snow.

That hot dog tasted as good as filet mignon by the time we were finished!

We finished up and gathered up everything and snowshoed back out to the vehicles.

Then we headed to Mom and Dad's to blow out their driveway.  Our cousin Danny Nettleton had been doing it but his blower broke so we went to help out.

We ended a long, long day of snow shoveling, snow blowing, and ice chopping over pizza at our house.  Chris, Judy and Ross were going to the Lakers game so we treated them to dinner after all of their hard work.

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