Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting Ready for Deer Season

Fall has been so rainy and cold here in the E.U.P. that we haven't been at camp very much.

I did use my birthday money to buy a new Bushnell trail cam with an infrared flash, thanks Mom and Dad, to put up right in camp. We have been putting out corn, carrots, and sugar beets to see what visits us when we aren't there.

I haven't been able to check the camera for two weeks but we have been able to come up for an hour every three days to put out more deer feed.

Sunday when we checked our cameras, mine had 682 photos on it. Wow! Of course, I had it set to take a lot of photos but that was still a large number.

Most were of the Mama deer and her baby and the larger doe that is usually with them. I'm assuming that she is the matriarch of the little clan.

But about halfway through the photos was a nice surprise.

Later in the photo collection was another surprise. A nice 4 point has been visiting us pretty regularly.

And right near the end of the 682 photo sequence was this nice surprise.

It appears that the 4 point visits quite a bit but the big guy comes around about every three days.

Hope he shows up on opening morning!!!!

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Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Wow! Those cameras sure are cool.