Saturday, September 19, 2009

Camp 9-11-09

A couple of weeks ago, Arlene and I bought this stuff called "C'Mere Deer". It is a powder or liquid product that is supposed to bring in the deer like crazy.

So we thought that we would try some. The weekend before, we sprinkled some at our two hunting spots, the Taj Mahal and the Cadillac Shack and put up our trail cameras.

Saturday, we went to check for pictures but found none. While I was fiddling with Arlene's trail cam at the Cadillac spot, she decided to spread some more of the "C'Mere Deer".

Within a minute, we could hear rustling in the brush as something approached us.

"Wow", I said, "that worked fast".

Suddenly, a chipmunk appeared and headed straight for us. He stopped a few inches from where I was kneeling at the camera and peeked around the tree at me. He was so cute.

Skirting Arlene and I, he headed straight for the log where she had poured the "C'Mere Deer" and began licking it like crazy. We were laughing so hard I almost wet my pants.

Apparently high on the powder, he ran over to the food block I had set out and attacked it, trying to chew the small bits of corn out of the block.

Soon another chipmunk appeared and began to scurry around.

I told Arlene that they should call this stuff "Chipmunk Crack" instead of "C'Mere Deer"!

Finally, we left the "monks" to their meal and headed back to cook dinner for Cindy and Arlene's sister, Judy. Arlene was making Porterhouse Steak, baked potatoes and corn on the cob.

Boy was it GOOD!

After dinner, we spent a beautiful evening by the fire and did some stargazing with the telescope.

Sunday morning, we decided to go check the deer camera at Arlene's shack again. This time we took the digital camera so that we could just do a quick scan of the memory card to see if there were any pictures.

I plugged the card in the camera and took a look.

Hey, there's a deer! Hey, there's another deer! Hey, there's a ...... oh my gosh...there's a BEAR!

In the eight years we have been using trail cameras at camp, we have never, ever had a photo of a bear until Sunday.

And guess what he was doing??? He was licking the log that had the "C'mere Deer" spread on it.

Needless to say, we brought the "C'Mere Deer" home with us and don't plan on using it any more.

Why don't they put on the label: "Attracts Chipmunks and Bears!!!!

We aren't at camp this weekend, as Arlene has a had a death in her family and has to attend a wake on Sunday. But, this afternoon, we are going to go to camp and check those cameras again and make sure the bear didn't come back.

The Cadillac shack is no more than 200 yards, as the crow flies, from camp so we want to be real sure we don't have a bear problem.

Sunday, we tried to make as much noise as possible. I took out my .357 mag revolver and shot about 40 rounds at our little target range. Then I got out the .380 and the .22 pistols and did the same. Hopefully, the noise will convince the bear that camp is not the place for him/her.

I'll keep you posted on today's photos.


Marian Love Phillips said...

That was very interesting to see a BEAR...WOW! Y'all be careful out there....he was pretty close. The chipmonks were cute and you got some good pics of them...and dinner looks delicious! Looking forward to reading your next post at Camp Chicken.... :)

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Chipmunk crack -- too funny! Glad that the bear seems to have moved on, though.

CDGardens said...

I wouldn't want a bear to get to comfortable around my place either! Looks like your food sources are pleasing to a wide variety of animals. ;)