Saturday, April 25, 2009

My New Blog...

Please take a moment to check out my new blog Whitetails For Women and tell me what you think.

Why a new blog?

When I started Camp Chicken Chronicles, it was really just a family blog. My brother Chris, sister-in-law Judy, and nephew Ross live far away in Spokane Washington. Arlene's grandson, Clifton was serving his third tour in Iraq. The Chronicles was a way to let them know what we were up to and to entertain them with our sometimes crazy camp activities.

Now, I didn't know anything about the "blogoshere". I don't use Facebook, text on my cellphone, have a MySpace page and the only blog I had ever even looked at was my sister-in-law's blog, Cheery Tomato Productions. I was seriously out of the blogging loop. But, after reading Judy's blog, I thought it looked like fun. So I went to blogger and started creating my blog.

I spent about two weeks with the design and soon I was happily blogging away.

To my surprise, Kristine of the Outdoor Bloggers Summit and Marian at Marian's Hunting Stories, stopped by for a visit one day. They were so nice and so encouraging and I was surprised to think that anyone but our families would be even vaguely interested in my little blog.

Soon other people began to stop by and offer kind words and I met all kinds of wonderful people that belong to the OBS, a dedicated group of men and women who love the outdoors and blog about it everyday.

I used to write all the time when I was in my teens and twenties but somehow, along the way, I stopped. I had even dreamed of becoming a writer but was either too lazy or became discouraged and gave up my dream. But, blogging became an outlet for my self-expression. I found that I still really enjoyed writing and the challenge of fitting words together on paper.

Blogging is wonderful because you can use words and pictures to express yourself.

But, I haven't answered my own question, why a new blog???

I found that I had lots and lots of ideas for things to write about that just didn't fit with the family feel of the Chronicles and I didn't want to lose that unique "voice" that the Camp Chicken Chronicles has.

So, I decided to start a totally new blog that talks about Whitetail Deer Hunting from a woman's perspective and includes a way for women to share their hunting experiences. I'd really like the blog to have a community feel for all of the great women who are as passionate about whitetail deer hunting as I am.

This doesn't mean that I'll stop blogging about Camp Chicken! It is a place that is deep in my heart, bones and blood and if I could, I would be buried there when I die. I belong to it more than I belong to any other place on the face of the earth and that will never change.


Judy Merrill-Smith said...

You wrote: "It is a place that is deep in my heart, bones and blood and if I could, I would be buried there when I die."

We'll plant you out there and not tell anybody if you want us to, Cathy! ;-)

Cathy Smith said...

Hey Sis,
Sounds good to me!!! Sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you yesterday. I called to see if Ross got his birthday card.

Anonymous said...

I think starting a second blog is a great idea, and I'm glad you decided to do it. You're very wise to realize that this blog has it's own unique voice and you're better off starting something new than trying to change this.

Good for you.

Marian Love Phillips said...

I'm so happy about your new blog...will get over there and check it out. Congratulations my deer friend! :)