Monday, November 12, 2007

Deer Season Preparation at Camp Chicken

Busy weekend at Camp Chicken as the final preparations were done for the deer season opener on Thursday, November 15th. We arrived at camp Friday, about 5:30 pm and Mary and Tiny arrived shortly after. Dan was already there and had started the generator and run the extension cords to the trailer and motor home. Cindy came up for supper as Dave had left that day for sunny California to visit his family for 3 months.

After dinner, we had a rousing game of Attack Uno. We are so addicted to that darn game. What fun we have playing it!

Thats Cindy and Mary during a lull in the game. We hate to let them sit beside each other as they tease each other so badly. After Cindy left for home, Dan, Mary, Arlene and I stayed up visiting until past 11 pm.

I was up at 5:30 am to go sit in the Taj Mahal for a couple of hours but no deer. We all had coffee and planned the days chores. Why is it that coffee tastes so much better at camp? Actually, everything tastes better at camp.

We all went down to Mom and Dad's to help Dad carry in his new wood stove he got at Tractor Supply for his garage. We had quite a time getting the stovepipes all hooked up but managed to get it all set for him. Mom rewarded us with homemade brownies. Yumm!

Mary's brother was flying in from North Carolina Saturday afternoon for deer season. He hunts just a short distance from Camp Chicken at his father's property. So she left to pick him up at the airport and we went back to camp.

Dan and I went to Skyview to put our chairs, heater and extra little propane tanks in the shack and to replenish the feeding station. Wow, what a muddy mess! The deer have it all torn up back there. We found that a big poplar tree had come down right across our path to the shack just missing it by about 10 feet. If it had hit Skyview only 5 days before deer season, I don't know what we would have done. I took down the camera to download the deer pictures and he went to get the chain saw to clear the tree out of the way.

Next, I brought beets to Arlene's shack, Cadillac II and took out the card from her new deer camera. It takes really sharp photos but the settings between pictures are can only be 30 seconds, 1 minute or 2 minutes. It took 241 photos in just three days!!

Arlene's camera caught a nice sequence of photos of a good looking 4-point.

There were some really beautiful shots of deer on the camera but I especially liked this one of a graceful doe in a fresh snowfall.

Arlene took some nice shots of Dan and I on our 4-wheelers riding back and forth from camp to Skyview from her shack. Dan's 4-wheeler is quite a bit larger than mine.

This is me on my little Honda 300. My neighbor Ronnie calls them "Buggies". Well, I just love my little "Buggie". It is a little workhorse around camp and uses less gas than those big machines.

Arlene was getting her things ready in the Cadillac II and trying out her new chair. She bought this really comfortable leather office chair for her shack. Talk about going First Class, LOL. It reclines and has comfortable armrests and you can adjust the height with just a touch on a lever. I just hope she doesn't fall asleep in there.

After our chores were done we went back to camp to look at the deer photos. Dan had to go home that night so Arlene and I went to Hessel casino for supper.

Sunday, I got up early again to hunt. We had our coffee and went to work finishing our chores.

Everything is all set for deer season and we are getting pretty excited. We have things to do at home Monday and Tuesday and then Wednesday after work we'll load up and head for Camp Chicken Deer Season 2007. We can't wait!


Andy said...

I love the "doe in the snow" picture. We don't get a lot of snow, so I always love the chance to go hunt in it. Andt the office chair... If there was a way to wire it up for heat, I would definitely be sleeping!

Cathy Smith said...

LOL, she does have heat too. She uses a portable heater that uses the small propane tanks. All the comforts of home.

Anonymous said...

The doe in the snow picture is great. It amazes me that a trail cam can take pictures like that.

Sounds like you are all set for the season to start. Good luck and be safe. Hopefully we'll read some good "I got a deer" stories here soon.

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Wow, you guys are ready to roll! OF COURSE Arlene is sleeping in there -- the trick is to be awake when the big one comes into range.

Cathy Smith said...

I thought the "doe in the snow" photo was just so amazing. It has this mystical quality about it somehow. There were a bunch of really amazing photos but that one really stood out. The camera I got Arlene for her Birthday/Christmas present is a Bushnell 2.1 Mp something or other. It takes amazing high quality photos. the deer look so real you feel that you could really reach out and pet them or something.

To all of our outdoor friends out there, if you're going hunting this season "Be Safe" and I hope you see "Nothing But Horns".


Marian said...

Cathy - the "doe in the snow" pic looks like a Christmas Card - It's absolutely beautiful. :)